1. What is PrimeMoney?

    Prime Money is a peer to peer donation community where members can help each other financially. We provide a system where members can freely give and receive financial donations from each other.
  2. Do I need referrals to get paid?

    Members are not forced to bring referrals to get paid but will get bonus for bringing people.
  3. Why are there different packages?

    There is only one package that users can conveniently choose to provide help.
  4. Is it possible to have multiple accounts?

    Yes, but you will be required to provide a different phone number, email and mobile money account details for each new account.
  5. How long does it take to receive help after providing help?

    Members get help within 0 to 7 days, but this time frame is dependent on the influx of new members in the community. i.e it can be less than seven (7) days.
  6. Can I provide help twice on the same account?

    You can only provide help once for a particular selected package on the same account. It is a process and needs to be adhere to.
  7. How do I provide help?

    After registration and activation, go to your dashboard and click on donate button.
  8. How do I get help?

    After providing help to another participant you will be automatically paired to get help within 0 to 7 days form the date of confirmation of your payment.
  9. Why can't I see a get help button?

    This is not necessary as get help is automatic.
  10. I provided help, but I wasn't confirmed. What do I do?

    When you provide help, you are required to upload a proof of payment, you will not be blocked if you do this, make sure the other participant is reachable before you provide help and write to support if the other participant refuses to confirm the donation after receiving it.
  11. What happens if the participant assigned to me doesn't pay?

    If the participant matched to you fails to pay within 10hrs, the system will remove and block the participant and automatically match another participant to pay you.
  12. The participant matched to pay me uploaded a fake proof of payment, what do I do?

    If this happens, a user can write to support immediately and after proper investigation it will be rectified. Confirm that the user did not make payment or the user has declined to payment after uploading a proof before writing to support.

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