How IT Work

  1. Register an account by visiting the website.
  2. After registration pay your one-time sustainability for account activation.
  3. Click on donate. Prime Money has only one package.
  4. Wait to be merged with another participant who qualifies to receive help.
  5. You have a maximum of 10 hours to make payment otherwise, your account will be blocked.
  6. Upload Proof of Payment (POP), and then wait for the receiver to confirm you.
  7. After confirmation, wait patiently to be merged to receive your initial capital.
  8. Recommit 50% of the initial capital received thus 100ghc to retrieve your ROI. The recommitment is a donation you have made again. Remaining amount to donate later is just 100ghc.
  9. After receiving ROI, donate the remaining 100ghc to start the cycle again. Enjoy your time with Prime Money.

Note: Purge button will be active when the 10hours for payment has elapsed.

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